Thursday’s Toast: Hats Off To A June Bride

Sometimes life just gets a tad bit sweeter, as was the case on a special day back in June. Our bride, Faith Dugan, happens be a fabulous local wedding Photographer. So, when we had the opportunity to design her wedding flowers we jumped for joy! …Literally hopped. Jefferson & Faith tied the knot at The Glen Manor, and this  stately venue was the perfect backdrop for a pink color palette, accented by subtle hints of green and plum.

What An Entrance!

Faith’s vendors made it a party in itself! The savvy Stephanie Frazier Grimm, of Couture Parties, set the stage with playful, and chic, details that made us fall even more in love with this great couple.  I mean really, look at this adorable message box for Faith & Jefferson? We were so tempted to leave a little love post simply saying, “XOXO”.

How Cute Is This?

Look below at the great delight of color. Shades of Pinks, with hints of greens, is such a popular color palette because they play so nicely off of various moods, designs, and textures. Never underestimate these colors. Yes, they can represent the timeless classic appeal, but it can also set a mood of modern, lush, vibrant romance by the sly choice of linens, tableware…or in this case, a great cocktail chair! Why must we always leave these great parties?

 The cocktail hour was a sophisticated, playful design set in sterling grays, pinks, and subtle plums. As the ballroom, and interior, staged a more elegant aesthetic. The tall glass cylinders allowed our bold hues to really stand out next to the strong linens below. This is a smart design element that allows guests to revel all the marvelous details abound. ….Now, notice a soft hue below? Ormonde productions smartly added up lighting to set the romantic mood of all these shades of pink.The Glen is such a regal spot, of open space, that there was a need for some strong focal points to draw the eye in. And of course, our design team just gets giddy over big blooms! How lucky were we?  These lustrous pieces were full of fresh blossoms, spilling over, as their stood guard over the preciously pink cake by Scrumptions.  Eye spy a Fleur-de-lis…

What a marvelous pink wedding! …Sigh, no matter how many times we design door wreaths, I still take sheer delight in seeing the end result! Don’t they just make such a statement?!

Cheers to Faith & Jefferson, may you have many more vivid and memorable celebrations to follow!

Thursday’s Toast: An Orange Crush

A Sweet Twist On By-The-Sea Theme

There’s something so playful about the vibrant colors orange & yellow.

The real treat is when a savvy couple (like Lindsay & Scott) set the tone of the party ,with these bold colors, for guests to enjoy all evening long. Today’s toast was a fabulously fun wedding at Blithewold. Playful and lively outside during the cocktail hours,  elegant & gardenesque inside during dinner and dancing.

It was such a treat to incorporate white blooming branches cascading over copper lanterns inside the tent. The feel was very elegant, and outdoorsy. Our team added the element of height through the fun, surprising texture of ferns. Twilight-in-the-garden!

Soft browns allowed the bold yellow and orange hues to stand out nicely. Exquisite Events (as always) did a fantastic job incorporating in copper lanterns and twinkled sheers to create the perfect outdoor-in oasis. I adore this long table below, I feel it sums up the whole feel of this wedding…welcoming, tasteful, and gracious.

A Dinner Party-Esque Setting

Do you spot the POPs of orange color? With such a string color as orange and yellow, its subtlety was a necessity. To draw in the natural/earthy aesthetic of this wedding a variety of greens, whites, and various textures kept our lead colors soft…but not dull. Now, the cocktail hour shouted “Let’s Play!” with its yellow full blooms and festive orange linens.

Hello Sunshine

Didn’t I tell you it screams “Garden meets Party”? …And we’re talking a stylish, loving, exquisite party. So cheers! To a stupendous party, savvy tent design, and one breathtaking view!

Stay Awhile.

Thursday’s Toast: When Pretty Meets Fabulous!

We decided to lighten up today.

With color of course!  It was time to get in touch with our softer side, and toast the wedding of Megan & Anthony. Pretty-meets-pink-meets-contemporary was the subtle, and elegant, theme to our design. With the fortunate luck of a the stylish Belle Mer as the venue, and the fantastic shutterbugs from Snap!, this wedding was a delicious delight of soft hues, and delicate textures!

Not only did we fall in love with this gorgeous couple, we floated about as we strategically placed in all the feminine, soft accents, and breathtaking details. I mean really?!  From the varying sterling dresses, to the couple, to the pink door…chic, chic, chic.

Hello Chic!

It was the delicate appeal of the flowers that captured our hearts. The couple had such an extraordinary style that was displayed so effortlessly in the design. The sterling accents gave the tablescapes the added appeal of elegance mixed with today’s modern feel. Notice the juxtaposing textures of this floral combination?  Leaves us a bit giddy.

Who Says Modern Can't Be Feminine?

It’s very easy to draw in the look of classic with a bold breath of fresh air! I keep spotting details that our design team added that make me think of a present twist on Gatsby/Deco…subtle, subtle, soft.

Varying Heights Of Delight!

We didn’t want to overshadow all of our lovely bride’s attention to detail. Look at those laser-cut table cards! So, we complimented it instead. The delicate appeal of the overall design shouted for simplicity. Now, you know us…when we state “simple” we mean clean. The layered heights, the clear glass, silver wire wrapped stems, all tiny, perfect details that do not outshine are ultra feminine flowers.

Is This Seat Taken?

Really?!  We may repeat it a bit too often…but we LOVE our job! So on this bright and sunny day, we toast the softer side of pretty. Many happy (and hearty) congratulations to Megan & Anthony! We had a blast.

A Pom Pom Of Pink!

Thursday’s Toast: Oh, Those Chic City Brides!

You know when a sophisticated couple mixes it up a bit?

Well, we love this! On the heels of our seaside summer post, this Thursday’s toast is all about opulence, and elegance. We can’t help but think of really hot, strappy pink Jimmy Choos while looking at this wedding!

Colors Never Looked So Sexy

Krista & Dan’s wedding, at the Providence Westin Hotel, was all about city, summer glamour in the stunning hues of fuchsia, plum, and red. All offset stylishly by the clean look of platinum and white. Oh, the look was so cosmopolitan.

Take a good look left at the wonderful play on texture, and the perfect marriage (of course) of the soft, delicate appeal of orchids accented by the festive, full appeal of peonies. Who said modern was too much?!

Our metropolitan couple brought in a great team to enhance their luxe vision from Ormonde Productions to Kristin Spencer Photography, guaranteeing no detail would go unnoticed…by the guests or afterwards by the couple! We added our signature “pop” of color everywhere you turned. Seriously…see these chargers from Rentals Unlimited below? Do you understand why we keep thinking of pretty shoes?!  We just can’t help ourselves!

Details, Details, Details...They Go A Long Way!

Platinum & white reigned gallantly over the tables. If you look closely, you’ll notice we infused a very subtle flutter of hot pink (look at the petals on the peonies) into these breathtaking, varying centerpieces.

A Clean Sophisticated Appeal

What made it really fun on the design floor was the amount of thought that went into all details of this wedding. We had color popping in the cocktail area, shimmer & opulence in the ballroom, and an enjoyable amount of elegant touches to play with all over. Look at this mix of reds & fuchsia blooms trailing down a cake from Scrumptions, Divine!

Clean Lines & Delicate Textures

The whole look was magical! But the real treat was showing off how pink compliments red and plum hues. Add in the platinum accents, and you have a very clean-modern look. The key is to let the details show themselves off well. Our team stacked, layered, and spaced out the varying elements so each one had a moment to shine. Just look at all the wonderful detail below on the head table, the tall glass cylinders and candle sticks gave height, as well as visual space for all the special details to stand out.It was such a spectacular event, and it is such a pleasure to show off this fun loving couple’s high style celebration!  We sure are some lucky ducks here at Stoneblossom!

So, Cheers to our happy couple and their spectacular, sparkling wedding!

This Flower Is On Us!

Thursday’s Toast: Bring On Summer!

Hello Sun, nice to feel you.

So, here’s the skinny…we love writing to you! We also love our bustling season, so to share the love equally we switched over to good old Thursday. This way, we share last weekend’s parties with this week’s readers. Hooray! Today we are mad over summer! Do you feel the sun’s warmth? It’s hot already, and luckily for us we are saddled right up against the cool blue Atlantic.

We’re digging details, enjoying nature’s vivid colors, and taking notes on all our cute couples’ style. We just couldn’t resist a post on the pretty things about summer.

We (Heart) Beach

What is it about this season that makes you want to sip the most divine cocktail, while dressed to the nines in color, with an ocean view in front of you?…Add a boat and we are in heaven! From the adorable groomsmen styles to the refreshing twist on water, we say “Bring on the season!”.

Photo Credit: FranklinandGower

Do you note the darling, colorful trim up the side of these seersucker pants? …Love This!  We marvel at the attention to detail summer commands; how color comes alive and “pops” off the page.

Provided By Ice Cream Social

It’s such a playful season, full of fun ideas and great party choices. Seasonal delights leave everyone clamoring for more!…Summer oysters anyone?

Pop in some blossoming blooms, and we couldn’t be more content!  Summer’s vibrant background shouts for nature’s #1 art flowers. You choose the color (we love the whole darn palette), and we will set the mood.

Hello Beautiful, My You're Just Blooming Today!

An ode to summer! The season of long days, and exquisite nights. We love you, and every bit of inspiration you bring!

Cheers… this drink (tub) is on us!

Water Never Looked So Good

Tuesday’s Toast: A Luxe Garden Escape At Rosecliff

A Magnificent Couple

The perfect couple got married this past Memorial Day weekend at Rosecliff, in Newport. Paula & Evan envisioned a new twist on summer luxury.

With the delightful collaboration of Elissa Held, NY event planner extraordinaire, we gleefully transformed Rosecliff Mansion into a turn of the century french garden theme.

The opportunity to work with varying elements from vintage bird cages to charming cherub sculptures, left us in the most joyful of moods as we juxtaposed textures, and weaved in ivy & lush garden flowers.

How divine are these tiny details of sparrows hovering over the flourish of the script above?!

Or this magnificent attention to detail with our french inspired moss overlay holding ‘court’ underneath these whimsical escort cards…s-p-l-e-n-d-i-d.

A Very Creative Idea

The real treat was in all the tiny details, as we always love to weave into our designs. Notice the textures of the linens balanced so gracefully with the abundance of the roses, peonies, and ivy (plus oh-so many more spring blooms). And the vintage & french elements that tied the whole theme together so perfectly.

The Romance Of A Garden Indoors

No detail was overlooked! The gold rimmed wine glasses complimented Rosecliff’s ballroom, as varying centerpieces were adorned all over to create a stately appeal. Do you spy the stunning, monogrammed chair covers and glass beaded charger plates?

Adorning A Statue

The height of our centerpieces allowed us to play with the flowers! And oh boy, did we play! We were excited (ecstatic) to add complimenting, big, fresh blooms to a variety of eye-catching areas all around these french inspired statues. Our design team relished the creative production of weaving ivy all about the vintage trellis’ and showing it off, as it trickled elegantly down the sculptures, past the fragrant & colorful blooms.

The Graceful Appeal Of Height

And what a glorious day it was! We were so happy for Paula & Evan (look at the runner below…spectacular). The sun was shining, and all the glorious purple/lilac elements stood out brilliantly against the backdrop of a vivid blue ocean view.

A Breathtaking View

So, Hat’s off to Paula & Evan! We wish you many wonderful years to come, and many wonderful “thank you’s” for allowing us to take place in such a glorious event. Cheers!

The Cluster Of Things

So, we have a secret to share… we love clutter. Well, really more like clusters of lovely blooms scattered daintily about a tabletop.

Clutter, clusters, clumps of tiny details, divine textures all placed around candlelight, wine glasses, large designs…anywhere! We just L-O-V-E colorful, sweet clusters of flower arrangements.

These pint size vases needed a day in the spotlight. They may be petite, but they pack a powerful punch!  They add a striking appeal down near the wine glasses, and candlelight. What a treat for guests! Look at how these delicate blooms are set aglow next to the mercury glass votives. Ahhhh….

A Feast For The Eyes

From cut crystal to modern glass cylinders, they add another element of detail that always make a design go from pretty to spectacular. It is wonderful to show off the finer details for guests, all the while filling the table with color. Below we got ourselves into a “twist” over these stems.

A Big Punch For A Small Accent

The magic of our lovely little friends is they set a mood day or night. Now you know why we love our clusters! The romance and femininity of the lunch table below is so inviting, I am left pondering why we never stay for the party?

A Bloom Of Romance

These tiny vases….la petit amis…you derserved a day in the spotlight, a moment to shine! Cheers to all the little nuances that make a celebration oh-so-special.

The Shade Of Pink Never Looked So Lovely

Tuesday’s Toast: Deliciously Divine Details

Happy Tuesday here at Stoneblossom!

The design floor is busy & bustling with blooms everywhere! The delight of the spring & summer season is the tiny nuances, the sweet subtleties, and the little slices of personal detail all scattered about these sunshine weddings.

It’s these precious, well thought out, details that make an event so personal and individual. We love helping our favorite bride & grooms-to-be incorporate themselves into their spectacular celebration. From the sweet touch of country bees buzzing above the escort cards to the double take of a shimmering butterfly nestled into a centerpiece, they all exemplify a playful personality.

Bringing The Outdoors In

Oh, how these courteous details make a memorable statement of “welcome”.

A Cozy Courtesy

How divine are these wraps, all coordinated in the wedding’s color scheme and presented perfectly packaged for guests? My most favorite (of course) treat is when a couple personalize the signature spirits awaiting you at the bar. Mmm…

A Hometown Spirit

Or these hand painted signs that make you feel a bit at home? Seriously…It just makes you feel farm chic!

Farm Chic

Now, some details are all tied together with a little bouquet for your four-legged family members.

Bark Worthy Touches

But as always here at Stoneblossom, our most special, most favorite, most memorable detail exudes a sigh worthy moment of L-O-V-E.  Ahhhhh….cheers to delicious details all season long!

Toasting All You Lovely Brides

Tuesday’s Toast: Tantilizing Textures

Well, Hello Tuesday!

We just love this day because it allows us to toast a deliciously divine wedding from the weekend. 

Blooming Bouquet

So, guess where we were? No, seriously guess! Here’s a hint: it’s exotic, abundantly green, and a designer’s dream:

….the ever green, ever glorious, ever graceful RWP Botanical Center in Providence!


Kirsten & Hans (this weekend’s toast) created a great day full of whimsy, abundance, and texture.

These two were a delight!

And the vision of eclectic spring colors swathed in texture made them a favorite on our design floor.

From the vendors to the couple, their wasn’t a detail that they hadn’t thought out perfectly. We were so  happy to be apart of it all.

Oh, and the use of colors. Nowyou know how we love our color, and when you let us play that with all sorts of natural textures…We -Are -In-Heaven!


We played with succulents, fastened in orange orchids & tulips, molded bright spring moss, and gleefully topped off the look in abundant spring blooms of purples, yellows, and greens everywhere we could.


What a treat for spring blooms (and for us).

The words ‘Playful’ and ‘Sophisticated’ were the perfect marriage for such color and detail.

Notice the rosemary placed ever so sweetly on every guest’s napkin? Intoxicating Scents Galore!


 We just can’t get enough of the bold play of color and the natural details that soften the look. But Kirsten & Hans’ lovely signs were our perfect pick of the evening.

Seriously, how cute are these signs?

Much love and memories you two! …Hip Hip Hooray!



To our mothers, your mothers, and everyone’s mothers… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND!

Thank you for teaching us strength and gusto.

Thank you for making us blush with pride & joy.

Thank you showing us elegance and grace.

Most importantly, thank you for teaching us that beauty blooms from the inside out.

 Happy Mother’s Day!