The Cluster Of Things

So, we have a secret to share… we love clutter. Well, really more like clusters of lovely blooms scattered daintily about a tabletop.

Clutter, clusters, clumps of tiny details, divine textures all placed around candlelight, wine glasses, large designs…anywhere! We just L-O-V-E colorful, sweet clusters of flower arrangements.

These pint size vases needed a day in the spotlight. They may be petite, but they pack a powerful punch!  They add a striking appeal down near the wine glasses, and candlelight. What a treat for guests! Look at how these delicate blooms are set aglow next to the mercury glass votives. Ahhhh….

A Feast For The Eyes

From cut crystal to modern glass cylinders, they add another element of detail that always make a design go from pretty to spectacular. It is wonderful to show off the finer details for guests, all the while filling the table with color. Below we got ourselves into a “twist” over these stems.

A Big Punch For A Small Accent

The magic of our lovely little friends is they set a mood day or night. Now you know why we love our clusters! The romance and femininity of the lunch table below is so inviting, I am left pondering why we never stay for the party?

A Bloom Of Romance

These tiny vases….la petit amis…you derserved a day in the spotlight, a moment to shine! Cheers to all the little nuances that make a celebration oh-so-special.

The Shade Of Pink Never Looked So Lovely


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