Thursday’s Toast: Bring On Summer!

Hello Sun, nice to feel you.

So, here’s the skinny…we love writing to you! We also love our bustling season, so to share the love equally we switched over to good old Thursday. This way, we share last weekend’s parties with this week’s readers. Hooray! Today we are mad over summer! Do you feel the sun’s warmth? It’s hot already, and luckily for us we are saddled right up against the cool blue Atlantic.

We’re digging details, enjoying nature’s vivid colors, and taking notes on all our cute couples’ style. We just couldn’t resist a post on the pretty things about summer.

We (Heart) Beach

What is it about this season that makes you want to sip the most divine cocktail, while dressed to the nines in color, with an ocean view in front of you?…Add a boat and we are in heaven! From the adorable groomsmen styles to the refreshing twist on water, we say “Bring on the season!”.

Photo Credit: FranklinandGower

Do you note the darling, colorful trim up the side of these seersucker pants? …Love This!  We marvel at the attention to detail summer commands; how color comes alive and “pops” off the page.

Provided By Ice Cream Social

It’s such a playful season, full of fun ideas and great party choices. Seasonal delights leave everyone clamoring for more!…Summer oysters anyone?

Pop in some blossoming blooms, and we couldn’t be more content!  Summer’s vibrant background shouts for nature’s #1 art flowers. You choose the color (we love the whole darn palette), and we will set the mood.

Hello Beautiful, My You're Just Blooming Today!

An ode to summer! The season of long days, and exquisite nights. We love you, and every bit of inspiration you bring!

Cheers… this drink (tub) is on us!

Water Never Looked So Good


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  1. The starfish seating cards are a popular touch for beach weddings here in Myrtle Beach as well. Thanks for sharing the pics!

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