Thursday’s Toast: Hats Off To A June Bride

Sometimes life just gets a tad bit sweeter, as was the case on a special day back in June. Our bride, Faith Dugan, happens be a fabulous local wedding Photographer. So, when we had the opportunity to design her wedding flowers we jumped for joy! …Literally hopped. Jefferson & Faith tied the knot at The Glen Manor, and this  stately venue was the perfect backdrop for a pink color palette, accented by subtle hints of green and plum.

What An Entrance!

Faith’s vendors made it a party in itself! The savvy Stephanie Frazier Grimm, of Couture Parties, set the stage with playful, and chic, details that made us fall even more in love with this great couple.  I mean really, look at this adorable message box for Faith & Jefferson? We were so tempted to leave a little love post simply saying, “XOXO”.

How Cute Is This?

Look below at the great delight of color. Shades of Pinks, with hints of greens, is such a popular color palette because they play so nicely off of various moods, designs, and textures. Never underestimate these colors. Yes, they can represent the timeless classic appeal, but it can also set a mood of modern, lush, vibrant romance by the sly choice of linens, tableware…or in this case, a great cocktail chair! Why must we always leave these great parties?

 The cocktail hour was a sophisticated, playful design set in sterling grays, pinks, and subtle plums. As the ballroom, and interior, staged a more elegant aesthetic. The tall glass cylinders allowed our bold hues to really stand out next to the strong linens below. This is a smart design element that allows guests to revel all the marvelous details abound. ….Now, notice a soft hue below? Ormonde productions smartly added up lighting to set the romantic mood of all these shades of pink.The Glen is such a regal spot, of open space, that there was a need for some strong focal points to draw the eye in. And of course, our design team just gets giddy over big blooms! How lucky were we?  These lustrous pieces were full of fresh blossoms, spilling over, as their stood guard over the preciously pink cake by Scrumptions.  Eye spy a Fleur-de-lis…

What a marvelous pink wedding! …Sigh, no matter how many times we design door wreaths, I still take sheer delight in seeing the end result! Don’t they just make such a statement?!

Cheers to Faith & Jefferson, may you have many more vivid and memorable celebrations to follow!


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