Thursday’s Toast: Oh, Those Chic City Brides!

You know when a sophisticated couple mixes it up a bit?

Well, we love this! On the heels of our seaside summer post, this Thursday’s toast is all about opulence, and elegance. We can’t help but think of really hot, strappy pink Jimmy Choos while looking at this wedding!

Colors Never Looked So Sexy

Krista & Dan’s wedding, at the Providence Westin Hotel, was all about city, summer glamour in the stunning hues of fuchsia, plum, and red. All offset stylishly by the clean look of platinum and white. Oh, the look was so cosmopolitan.

Take a good look left at the wonderful play on texture, and the perfect marriage (of course) of the soft, delicate appeal of orchids accented by the festive, full appeal of peonies. Who said modern was too much?!

Our metropolitan couple brought in a great team to enhance their luxe vision from Ormonde Productions to Kristin Spencer Photography, guaranteeing no detail would go unnoticed…by the guests or afterwards by the couple! We added our signature “pop” of color everywhere you turned. Seriously…see these chargers from Rentals Unlimited below? Do you understand why we keep thinking of pretty shoes?!  We just can’t help ourselves!

Details, Details, Details...They Go A Long Way!

Platinum & white reigned gallantly over the tables. If you look closely, you’ll notice we infused a very subtle flutter of hot pink (look at the petals on the peonies) into these breathtaking, varying centerpieces.

A Clean Sophisticated Appeal

What made it really fun on the design floor was the amount of thought that went into all details of this wedding. We had color popping in the cocktail area, shimmer & opulence in the ballroom, and an enjoyable amount of elegant touches to play with all over. Look at this mix of reds & fuchsia blooms trailing down a cake from Scrumptions, Divine!

Clean Lines & Delicate Textures

The whole look was magical! But the real treat was showing off how pink compliments red and plum hues. Add in the platinum accents, and you have a very clean-modern look. The key is to let the details show themselves off well. Our team stacked, layered, and spaced out the varying elements so each one had a moment to shine. Just look at all the wonderful detail below on the head table, the tall glass cylinders and candle sticks gave height, as well as visual space for all the special details to stand out.It was such a spectacular event, and it is such a pleasure to show off this fun loving couple’s high style celebration!  We sure are some lucky ducks here at Stoneblossom!

So, Cheers to our happy couple and their spectacular, sparkling wedding!

This Flower Is On Us!


Tuesday’s Toast: Tantilizing Textures

Well, Hello Tuesday!

We just love this day because it allows us to toast a deliciously divine wedding from the weekend. 

Blooming Bouquet

So, guess where we were? No, seriously guess! Here’s a hint: it’s exotic, abundantly green, and a designer’s dream:

….the ever green, ever glorious, ever graceful RWP Botanical Center in Providence!


Kirsten & Hans (this weekend’s toast) created a great day full of whimsy, abundance, and texture.

These two were a delight!

And the vision of eclectic spring colors swathed in texture made them a favorite on our design floor.

From the vendors to the couple, their wasn’t a detail that they hadn’t thought out perfectly. We were so  happy to be apart of it all.

Oh, and the use of colors. Nowyou know how we love our color, and when you let us play that with all sorts of natural textures…We -Are -In-Heaven!


We played with succulents, fastened in orange orchids & tulips, molded bright spring moss, and gleefully topped off the look in abundant spring blooms of purples, yellows, and greens everywhere we could.


What a treat for spring blooms (and for us).

The words ‘Playful’ and ‘Sophisticated’ were the perfect marriage for such color and detail.

Notice the rosemary placed ever so sweetly on every guest’s napkin? Intoxicating Scents Galore!


 We just can’t get enough of the bold play of color and the natural details that soften the look. But Kirsten & Hans’ lovely signs were our perfect pick of the evening.

Seriously, how cute are these signs?

Much love and memories you two! …Hip Hip Hooray!


Tuesday’s Toast: Wonderful Weddings One Week At A Time!

tuesday’s toast

Snap! Photography

Spring has sprung here at Stoneblossom. It took awhile for those pesky April showers to disappear, but now the sun is shining and it’s glorious!

What better way to celebrate our season than with a toast...every Tuesday! A Hats off (of sorts) to our most adorable, most wonderful, and most divine weddings of the season.

What did we love about the April celebration of Aleksandra & Scott at Castle Hill Inn? Everything! This lovely bride didn’t mind a few spring showers on her day. Nope, she just savored the moment, and we fell in love with the whole darn wedding.  

Soft purple tones added the perfect splash of color to our spring design, as lightly patterned orchids gave it that perfect POP.

Snap! Photography

Oh, the delight of color! Those purple and violetsthere is no doubt purple can be romantic, and a fun modern take on soft colors.

…Add some blues to the tables and you have Spring!

Aleksandra & Scott’s day seemed perfect for the mood they wanted to set.  To be under a tent of white with hints of Spring everywhere… we wish we could have stayed to dance!   “Hello Spring, meet intimate and inviting.”

Snap! Photography

 We love this shot (below) taken by our favorite Snap! happy girls (thank you talented gals). We’re simply giddy over the steel gray against the various shades of purple.

Snap! Photography

No toast is complete without honoring the bride & groom. So, cheers Aleksandra & Scott!

We loved every moment of designing those romantic flowers, and may we say you are a beautiful couple. 

Snap! Photography

See you next Tuesday!

*~Divine Design~*

One of my absolute favorite things about floral design is how a single flower can be used in so many unique ways. I love how one arrangement can look so different from the next, even when the same flowers are used.

While I adore gorgeous and lush arrangements, I’m a big fan of non-traditional arrangements too. I like to think of flower arrangements as a blank canvas, just waiting to blossom with color. There are so many fun ways to use flowers to create a stunning focal point at any event. Over this past season alone, our designers have created some fabulous designs with orchids, spider mums, roses, and so many other great blossoms. I can’t wait to see what phenomenal creations they come up with during this upcoming season. Take a look at some of my favorite that we’ve designed in the past!

Via (M. Benedicte Vereley Photography and Kristin Spencer Photography)

Via (Stoneblossom)

Via (Stoneblossom)

Via (Stoneblossom)

Shamrocks and Leprechauns

A little Leprechaun stopped by the Stoneblossom studio this week. He brought with him a beautiful bouquet of shamrocks and a whole plate of Zeppoles!! He sure did spread a great amount of cheer as he hopped around our space. His little visit inspired us because of the vast amount of green that surrounded him.

He got me thinking about how truly great the color green is. It makes the perfect addition to any party or event. Green looks stunning as a focal color or even as an accent color. It also looks great combined with many other hues like blue, yellow, or purple.

We’ve designed multiple weddings and parties with beautiful green blossoms. We just adore bright green cymbidium orchids and plump spider mums. Oh, and how can I forget about gorgeous succulents potted in a sweet vessel, surrounded by fresh moss?

Ready to be inspired just like the little Leprechaun inspired us? Take a look at some of these special blossoms and bouquets…

Green is the perfect color for any bride or even for your groom:

Via (Stoneblossom, Snap!, Stoneblossom)

Green also looks great on your tables!

Via (Stoneblossom)

And last, but certainly not least, here are a few photos of some stunning cymbidium orchids and spider mums that we just love so much..

Via (Stoneblossom)

We hope that you all had a fabulous St. Patrick’s and St. Joseph’s Day!


With the taste of the mild temperatures this weekend and the clocks springing forward for daylight savings time we all have a bad case of spring fever here at the Stoneblossom studio. We are ready to hang up our winter coats and trade them in for our sundresses and sandals. However, the best part about the warmer temperatures rolling in and longer days ahead is that the 2011 Wedding Season is right at our fingertips!

The flower markets are beginning to fill with a variety lush and fragrant spring blossoms. As we prance through the aisles of blossoms, it’s hard to not burst out in song and dance. The peonies, the hyacinth, the anemone… we just love it all!

Via (Stoneblossom)

Via (Stoneblossom)

However, it’s not just the flowers in the markets that we love, it’s the weddings and events that we have the privilege of planning and designing. We are just so honored to be able to work with such lovely couples each year. We truly fall in love with every one of our fantastic couples. Each couple has a style that is unique to them, and we have such a blast meeting with them, discovering their style, and assisting in making their wedding day as beautiful as they hoped. Take a look at some of favorite spring bouquets to kick of the season.

Via (Stoneblossom)

Via (Kristin Spencer Photography)

* Snowflakes Are in the Air *

I glanced out the window while sitting at my desk today and noticed some snowflakes in the air. It totally warmed my heart seeing those little white flakes fall from the sky! Even though the temperatures are a bit cooler than I would prefer, this truly is such a wonderful time of the year. There are excellent sales in all the stores, people are hosting fabulous parties, and many people enjoy incorporating some incredible concepts in their decorating.

We have been busy beavers here at the Stoneblossom studio. Some of our corporate clients have asked us to install their holiday decorations. Take a peek at what we have been up to!

Via (Viera Photographics)

Via (Viera Photographics)

Via (Stoneblossom)

Via (Stoneblossom)

Via (Stoneblossom)