Incredible New England Venues

One of my favorite things about working the wedding biz in New England is the unlimited amount of muse worthy venues in our region. Now, if I where to try and feature every single incredible New England venue we would be here all day. So, I comprised a list of some of my top favorites. Some, that we work with often and others that we’re just holding our breaths to work with.

Let’s kick things off with the wonderful selection of exquisite luxury¬† hotels and inns:

Castle Hill Inn & Restaurant – Newport, RI

Chatam Bars Inn – Chatam, MA

The Wheatleigh Hotel – Lenox, MA

Harborside Hotel – Bar Harbor, ME

How about an idyllic Vermont wedding? Could you imagine this place in the fall? Nothing short of incredible!

Riverside Farm – Pittsfield, VT

More of an urban couple? We’ve got you covered. Check out this industrial chic space:

The Loading Dock – Stamford, CT

Getting married in New England leaves you with no shortage of amazing venues to consider.¬† So which venue is your favorite? I’d love to hear!


The Ideal Invite: A Getway To Celebration

Lately we’ve had a lot of brides coming in to Stoneblossom with some of the most fabulous wedding invitations. I’m telling you these ladies have it down pat when it comes to knowing how an invite should be done. From luxe to vintage, your invite should speak volumes about the essence of your event. Everything starts there. It should subtly increase anticipation in your guest as well as give them a taste of what to expect. Formal? Casual? Cocktail? Your invite is the way to tell them.

Via (Ceci New York)

Via (Atelier Isabey)

Via (Hello Lucky!)

Via (Wedding Paper Divas)

Lucky for us, the world is abound with talented stationers and graphic designers. So there should be no excuse for having a less then ideal invitation. I know most people like to rationalize why they think invitations aren’t a priority by claiming that most folks will just toss them out, but I’ll tell you it’s simply untrue. I personally adore a well designed, well written invitation and keep them well beyond after the event takes place. Really. They light the hallowed halls of my little heart and I have a shoe box filled with them in my closet. Every once in a while I take them out and feel the fabulous paper, admire the pretty colors and reminisce on how great that event was. Isn’t that what everybody does? No? Well, they should.