Shamrocks and Leprechauns

A little Leprechaun stopped by the Stoneblossom studio this week. He brought with him a beautiful bouquet of shamrocks and a whole plate of Zeppoles!! He sure did spread a great amount of cheer as he hopped around our space. His little visit inspired us because of the vast amount of green that surrounded him.

He got me thinking about how truly great the color green is. It makes the perfect addition to any party or event. Green looks stunning as a focal color or even as an accent color. It also looks great combined with many other hues like blue, yellow, or purple.

We’ve designed multiple weddings and parties with beautiful green blossoms. We just adore bright green cymbidium orchids and plump spider mums. Oh, and how can I forget about gorgeous succulents potted in a sweet vessel, surrounded by fresh moss?

Ready to be inspired just like the little Leprechaun inspired us? Take a look at some of these special blossoms and bouquets…

Green is the perfect color for any bride or even for your groom:

Via (Stoneblossom, Snap!, Stoneblossom)

Green also looks great on your tables!

Via (Stoneblossom)

And last, but certainly not least, here are a few photos of some stunning cymbidium orchids and spider mums that we just love so much..

Via (Stoneblossom)

We hope that you all had a fabulous St. Patrick’s and St. Joseph’s Day!


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