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Escort Cards

“What should I do for my escort card table?” This is a reoccurring question that many brides ask. The thing is, this table is an open canvas where you can do whatever you would like. It’s a place where you can setup a traditional row of cards, or do something more unique, like nestle your cards in a bed of grass adorned with pretty ribbons. We have seen some really creative ideas.

This stunning Manzanita branch was surrounded by clouds of puffy white hydrangea and lit with abundant candlelight. A beautiful tailored linen with with crystals scattered on the tabletop. Truly one of my favorites.

Via (Metzger Studios)

Martini Anyone? This next idea is so clever. Over-sized martini glasses with rainbow floral foam and a green spider mum was the main concept for the table. The escort cards looked like a lime slice, wedged right on the rim of the glass. An extremely creative approach, guaranteed to to be a topic of conversation among your guests!

Via (Stoneblossom)

How cute is this? Wheat grass banded with pretty ribbons and decorated Gerber daisies and miniature animated bumblebees. It is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face who takes a stroll to find their name.

Via (Stoneblossom)

You could always line your cards in a row, and place a stunning floral arrangement on the table. It’s a traditional approach, but still gorgeous. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Via (Stoneblossom)

Via (Stoneblossom)

Via (Stoneblossom)



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