You Can Have Your Cake, and Eat it Too!

In addition to the flowers at a wedding reception, the cake is always one of the things I scout out. There is just something so astonishing about multiple tiers of sweetness, adorned in such an elegant way! I love how the look of one cake can be just so different from the next.

At many of the weddings we’ve designed, there have been some absolutely fabulous wedding cakes! One of my favorite cakes was created by the incredibly talented Sylvia Weinstock. In fact, Sylvia featured this cake in her book, Sensational Cakes.

The detail work was created to mirror the embroidering on the bride’s fabulous gown, and the sugar flowers coordinated perfectly with the centerpieces on the table.

(Via Stoneblossom)

Mark Soliday of Confectionery Designs is known for creating the most flawless cakes. His creations are always breathtaking. This next cake was no exception. Such a unique concept, the lines of this cake were just so elegant. It looked spectacular at this OceanCliff Reception.

(Via Stoneblossom)

Here’s another tasty treat designed by Mark Soliday, the baker extraordinaire.

(Via Stoneblossom)

Sitting on a pretty pedestal at a wedding we designed at Belle Mer in Newport, RI was this fabulous creation. The cake looked just perfect against the chic white lines at the venue. The sweet pleats in this cake were just adorable.

(Via Kristin Spencer Photography)

This next cake was just dazzling, designed by the creative James Kennedy of Confections. His detail work is just extraordinary. See for yourself!

(Via Stoneblossom)


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