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Fresh & Swank Bridal Accessories

So you’ll most likely be wearing white on the big day, but why not show off your unique personality with some rockin nontraditional accessories? We’ve scoured the interwebs to find our favorite must have bridal accessories… and there’s no something old on this list.

{1} Striking headbands and statement veils:

Via (Candy Band)

Via (ban.do)

Via (Jennifer Behr)

{2} Bold boleros:

Via (Toccata Etsy Shop)

Via (Bonzi Etsy Shop)

{3} A shimmering beaded belt:

Via (Toccatta Etsy Shop)

{4} A colorful clutch

Via (Kate Spade)

Via (J Crew)

{5} Beautifully chunky baubles:

Via (Elva Fields)

Via (Elva Fields)

Via (Spool No.72)

Via (Spool No.72)

{6} Bright fingernails:

Via (Inside Weddings)

It’s your day and everyone will undoubtedly have all eyes on you. Why not flash them a little of your stylish flair? The most memorable brides are definitely the most intriguing ones.

I wouldn’t recommend taking too many risks with your accessories for fear of looking trendy or faddish, instead concentrate on one accessory for an unexpected dash of youthful vogue.  How will you be making a style statement with your bridal accessories?


One Response

  1. LOVE the third one down… cage veils are to die for, especially that one!!!

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