Beautiful Blooming Branches

As a floral designer one of the things that always seems to leave you awestruck are blooming branches. Few things are as symbolical of spring as they are. Dogwood, cherry blossom, magnolia and quince all magical in their own way. These delicate blooms are short lived and once they’re gone (April – May), it’s a year until you see them again.

Via Saipua

Via (housemartin)

Use them to add dimension and height to your reception tables

Via (Rebecca Thuss)

Or to create eye catching displays throughout the reception, like this escort table:

Via (Brides)

As you might have guessed, because of the delicate and short lived nature of these precious blooms, they can carry quite the price tag. A great way to achieve the same look within a budget is to ask your floral designer to provide you with non-blooming branches and then adding your own handcrafted blooms, made of paper or tulle like in this D.I.Y tutorial found on Beetlegirl:

Via (Beetlegirl)


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